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High-quality handmade beer

Our beers are inspired and cultivated through years of travel, education, and personal experience. Each one reminds us of a moment, a person, a sensation, or a place that we have loved. We hope that they will remind you of something you love too!

Belgian Inspired


We like to think of our beers as “Belgian inspired” but shy away from the word “Belgian” for two reasons: most importantly, because we don’t make them in Belgium but also because of the common connotations that Belgian beer is sweet and fruity.

Bottle and glass of Brewery Bhavana beer
Light beer in Brewery Bhavana logo pint glass
stacks of barrels in a cellar

Experimental & Wild


In beer, the hand of the maker is foremost. (Unlike wine, where we so often see the hand of nature or god.) Decades of brewing have given our brewers intense control over so much of what you see, taste, smell, and feel in the glass. Part of the fun of our brewers is letting go of that control and allowing unpredictable elements to play their part. By adding wild yeasts, by aging in wine barrels and foeders, we surrender our grip on fermentation and conditioning, allowing natural yeasts and slow-moving processes to turn the beers funky or sour.

Subtlety. Nuance. Restraint.


In specific terms, we like very dry beers with little or no residual sweetness. Our beers are brewed with a yeast-forward quality that requires conscientious restraint in malt and hop additions.

3 colorful beers in Brewery Bhavana logo glasses
flowers with bottle of Brewery Bhavana beer