At the center of 218 Blount Street, beneath the skylight and the fig trees, our retail shop breathes life into our restaurant and taproom. Each book, flower, magazine, newspaper, and journal has been thoughtfully curated to inspire and cultivate conversation.  At our shop, you’ll find everything from beautiful books on art, design, and poetry to relevant readings on conflict resolution and philosophy, along with local stems foraged by our flower team, and custom floral arrangements.

It is our hope that our flower shop and bookstore become a place for gift giving and that you will find something meaningful for yourself and for someone you love.


Gift certificates are available in our shop or online, using the link below.

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"There are things that are not sayable. That's why we have art."
— Leonara Carrington

Flowers are evocative and emotional; their language transcends words. Through them, we learn to more deeply feel and express our joy, love, appreciation and sorrow. Even the most common blossom can lift our spirits and dance on our hearts. Each one gently reminds us of our humanity: our own growth, our blooming, our wilting, our decay. In the shifting abundance and colors of each season, we learn to celebrate growth and impermanence. 

My intention for the flower shop in Brewery Bhavana is to offer flowers that are thought-provoking, expressive, reverential, and inviting, to honor my gratitude for the natural world. I hope to create meaningful arrangements with grace and humility: bouquets that will bear silent witness to so many important occasions. 

I look forward to sharing my heart and my craft with you all.





Van and I first talked about opening a bookstore almost five years ago, over beers at a nearby brewery. We saw a gap in our burgeoning community and wanted to fill it with conversation and cocktails. We saw intimate corners and couches, the opportunity to ask big questions and let the city answer them. 

But time took me other places. I moved away; I moved back. I taught, I wrote, I edited, I tended bar. After years of piecing together multiple, disparate, part-time jobs, I gave up the night life, dug into my academic endeavors, and started working full time for myself from home. I was determined to leave the service industry for good. 

Six months later, I felt stir crazy. I spent full days alone, staring at my computer. Then one day, I got a text from Van: "I have something I want to reflect with you. About Bhavana, about stories, and about your life plans."  We struck up our old conversation, in a new context, with a new concept: books, beer, flowers, and dim sum. 

It's funny, the paths we take to get to places we’ve always been headed; they never look the way we expect. I didn’t imagine I’d still be in Raleigh, but here I am, and I'm damn lucky. Because when I look through the skylight and watch the clouds pass over 218 Blount Street, I know I am home. And, when I pull a book from a shelf and press it into someone's hands, I am sharing my home with them.

Let me show you.